What's in your tack room? - Ásta Covert March 06 2020

We are starting a blog and we will be checking in with some of our regular customers to see what products they use daily while riding and working their horses.

If you would like to be featured email us at tackshop@tolt.net 

Our first participant is me, Ásta Covert.

First off I would say are the Fager Bits. Those are my new favorite bits and I use the Carl, Martin, Sabina and Victor

Of course everyone is often curious which saddle is in the tack room and right now I am using the Hilbar Katla saddle and I am loving it. I have mine with the Black Aluminum stirrups, single stirrup leathers and the neoprene girth. I usually use a Thinline pad under my saddle as they are so shock absorbent 

As far as bridles and reins. My favorite reins are the rubber reins from Top Reiter. The Hrímnir Bridles are so pretty and they come with or without stones which is nice since the stones often are not a great everyday bridle especially if used on multiple horses a day. 

If I use a crop or a whip, then I think the Fleck Feldman balance whips are the best. They are so balanced in your hand. They also come in fun colors which is a bonus.

As far as what I wear. The only pants I wear these days are the Top Reiter riding pants. They last long and are stylish to run errands in town so I don't feel like I have to change for school pick up or a grocery store run. And then the Roeckl Gloves are a must for me as I prefer the feel of the reins with gloves on.