Hilbar // Gangmyllan Katla Saddle

$ 3,650.00

The "Gangmyllan Katla" Saddle is an absolute exceptional saddle "developed by the best", named after the exceptional mare "Katla frá Ketilsstöðum", who became the highest rated four-gaited mare in the world.
This saddle is designed and developed  with the successful riders and instructors: Olil Amble, Bergur Jónsson and the Portuguese star trainer Julio Borba.
as well as input from Dr. Susanne Braun, who has been the Team vet for the Icelandic team at the World Championships multiple times and works as a Vet and equine chiropractor in Iceland. 
The Katla is a classic saddle, which helps the rider sit centered. The finely shaped knee pads allow a free and clear signals. The panels ensure maximum distribution of the weight of the rider and comfort for the horse's back. The panels have wool filling. Plastic spring steel tree. 

Available in 17" or 17.5" seat

Narrow (30), Medium Narrow (32) Medium (34) and Wide (36)

Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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