Memory foam Gel Pad

$ 159.00

Top Reiter Gelpad "MEMORY FOAM" is the perfect saddle pad when optimal pressure distribution and close contact with the horse is required.

The MEMORY FOAM adapts perfectly to the muscles of the horse, while the gel pad itself has a shock-absorbing effect. Due to the materials used and the ergonomic shape, the gel pad is always in the correct position.

The gel pad is breathable and transports moisture optimally through the fleece. The gel pad itself prevents the saddle from slipping, while TOP REITER letterings made of silicone prevents the pad from slipping on the horse's back. A perfect fit and hold of the saddle are guaranteed even during sporty rides or tournaments.

The gel pad has a n overall thickness of approximately 25 mm.



Outer Fabric: 100% Polyester combined with Thermoplastic Gel

Padding: 100% MTP Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Inner Fabric: 100% Polyester combined with silicone application 


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