Hrimnir Noseband - Sunset Rose

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This comfortable drop noseband made from soft quality leather looks very elegant and classic. Three different sizes allow a perfect fit for horses with different head conformations, so the noseband will not interfere with the bit rings. The buckles are made of rustproof stainless steel. Rolls in the buckles enable quick and easy adjustment. An extra layer of leather under the buckle prevents pinching. Keepers provide extra security and a clean look. The embedded rhinestones in the noseband give this drop noseband a special and elegant look.

  • Soft padding around the nose
  • Slim design for light comfort
  • Available in two sizes for optimal individual fit (20cm or 24cm)
  • High quality leather infused with extra oil for durability and softness
  • Stainless steel buckles with rolls for easy adjustment
  • Buckle guards to prevent pinching
  • Embedded rhinestones in noseband
  • Colour: Sunset Rosa - Inspired by Icelandic nature
  • Black

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Which size to choose?

The Hrimnir drop noseband comes in two different sizes to provide optimal fit on different horses. We recommend the shorter one (20cm) for horses with a smaller and finer head. When fitting a drop noseband, it is important that it does not interfere with the bit rings or even put any pressure onto the bit rings.


Correct adjustment

The drop noseband should close around the horse’s mouth 3-4 fingers’ width above the edge of the nostril, well above the soft part of the nose. The drop noseband should still be supported by the end of the nasal bone. It must be buckled underneath the bit, not interfering with the bit rings, and tightened in such a manner that you can easily put 2-3 fingers underneath it at the nasal bone. It requires some room to allow chewing of the bit and relaxation of the poll and jaw muscles. Bear in mind that the horse’s nostrils are soft and compress as the noseband is tightened. During exercise, the nostrils flare to allow more air intake. The noseband must not hinder natural respiration by being too tight.
Make sure that the crownpiece rests behind the headstall at the horse ’s poll in order to prevent the cheekpiece sliding toward the eyes.


Hrímnir's advice

The drop noseband might be more suitable than the caveson for younger horses.  The drop noseband closes around the horse’s mouth at a place where there are no teeth. The higher fitting caveson might press the soft cheek against sharp edges on the molars, which is very uncomfortable and may cause lesions inside the mouth.

Sizes 20cm or 22cm

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