"KJARKUR" Bridle set

$ 195.00

The anatomical ‘KJARKUR’ headstall and a matching dropped noseband is made out of premium black leather and adorned with lava stones and black onyx pearls in a sleek and soft U-shaped design. The lava stones not only catch the eye but also add an authentic Icelandic touch. Black onyx, symbolizing robust protection and stability, pairs seamlessly with the distinctive lava stones.

Crafted with soft, high-quality leather, featuring black buckles and the prominent Top Reiter logo, this headstall is the perfect combination of elegance and timelessness. Beyond enhancing comfort for the horse, it stands as a sophisticated choice for riders seeking both elegance and meaningful symbolism.


  • Anatomic Headstall in a soft U-Shape
  • Soft high-quality leather
  • Onyx Stones
  • Lava Pearls (Soft Hues)
  • Crystal Rings
  • Black Buckles

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