Top Reiter Titan

$ 3,530.00

The Titan is the newest addition to the Top Reiter Saddle family. It is a showcase of Top Reiter's 30 years of experience in the Icelandic Saddle Industry. It of course has the Top Reiter's famous SoftSwing Tree with a new and improved Seat. The tree has a narrower twist to help with a better seat and leg position. 

This saddle has it all for the rider and the horse. The Titan has the new AirFlow panels. Which are Wool surround by 3D foam. This helps distribute the weigh and pressure even better for the horse's back. 

With the billets exchange system covered by the Saddle flap allows you to change your girths from Long to short which ever you prefer. 

All special features at a glance:

  • 17 "or 18" Seat
  • White or black stitching
  • Change system
  • Double saddle flaps
  • Narrow SoftSwing tree
  • Grippy, supple and durable oil leather
  • AirFlow wool panels for optimal pressure distribution
  • Weight about 7kg / 15lbs

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