KIDKA Icelandic Wool Cooler

$ 205.00

Beautiful and functional cooler rug with turtleneck made of 100% Icelandic wool.

The sweat rug from KIDKA is a beautiful, natural alternative to fleece blankets and definitely a real eye-catcher!

This unique cooler rug was developed in collaboration with Olil Amble and Rúna Einarsdóttir.
The excellent properties of Icelandic wool make this rug the perfect everyday companion. The Icelandic wool keeps the horse warm when it is cold outside and dry when it is wet.

- the sweat blanket is pulled over the head
- 100% Icelandic wool
- back length: approx. 125-130 cm
- Made in Iceland

color: grey
Washing instructions: Wool program in the washing machine

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