Fagers Titanium Loose Rings bit - MAX

$ 144.00

Max is a strong and lightweight double jointed titanium bit.

The middle piece has a 30mm lozenge, which is designed to take some of the pressure off the tongue and places it on the bars encouraging the horse to come up with his head. The double joints remove the nutcracker action, as the bit stays in a curved shape, following the contours of the horse's mouth.

Titanium has several advantages:

  • Antibacterial and Biocompatible material
  • Superior strength and extremely light weight in the mouth
  • Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean

Max have regular loose rings, withouth Fagers TOL™ system. 

Loose rings allow for quick response and fast reactions.

This is our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:

  • Gives the horse a comfortable feeling, titanium doesnt have the heavy taste regular metal bits have.
  • Both bar and tounge pressure are applied when you ride with contact.
  • Titanium compare fo a regular metal bit don´t get as cold by the weather.

Available in

  • 105MM / 4¼" - 10MM
  • 115MM / 4½" - 12MM

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