Eques Sella Plus

$ 2,350.00

Sella Plus is a saddle with good support for horse and rider. It is currently the best-selling saddle in Scandinavia as it fits most horses.

Sella Plus is designed so the rider can be in close contact with the horse. It is a short mono-flap saddle and the knee rolls are placed on the outside and give good support. The design of the knee rolls and seat combine to help promote a correct position of the rider. The seat is medium deep. 

Characteristics of Sella Plus: 

  • Flexible saddle tree with changeable gullet
  • Quality leather (made of soft calf skin) with a good grip
  • Front riser effect that lifts the front of the saddle up and therefore achieves the same purpose as a riser pad
  • The shape of the panels of the saddle is designed for a wider surface for better weight distribution and comfort of the horse
  • The panels are with three layers of latex

Available in size 16”, 16,5″, 17″ and 17,5″,

The contact surface of a 17″ Sella Plus is: 44 cm.

Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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