Atlas Multi Cavesson

$ 215.00

Details of Atlas Multi Cavesson

  • WIPO registered design
  • Bitless training bridle
  • Developed with FT master trainer Eyjólfur Ísólfsson
  • High quality leather
  • Stainless steel buckles with rolls for easy adjustment
  • Strong and durable design
  • Can be used for lungeing, work in hand and riding
  •  Allows to influence the lateral flexion of the poll and bending of the neck with preciseness
  • The metal piece in the noseband is softly padded and adjustable
  • Chin strap and head piece are softly padded
  • Equal pressure distribution
  • Three metal rings on the noseband
  • Two metal rings on the chin strap
  • Easy working on both hands
  • Suitable for work with young horses

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