Top Reiter "Featherlight" Pad

$ 158.00

The "FEATHERLIGHT" saddle pad is individually adaptable to the changing needs of your Icelandic horse as it grows, ages, builds muscle or loses muscle.

Specially designed for horses with high and long withers, this saddle pad can be used with 4 different Piuma inserts (flat, front riser, back riser and double riser).

The Piuma inserts can be arranged in the pockets of the pad in one or two layers, allowing symmetrical or asymmetrical padding of the saddle pad. Choosing the right inserts therefore always allows you to adjust the fit of your saddle yourself, depending on the individual musculature and build of your horse. The saddle pad is supplied with the flat Piuma insert. Other Piuma inserts will be available soon.

Another great advantage of this lightweight saddle pad is the secure fit and easy positioning under the saddle. This is ensured by a central longitudinal opening with Velcro closure that fits perfectly into the spine channel of the saddle, preventing twisting, slipping and warping of the pad.

Riser inserts sold separately. 


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