Fagers Titanium Sidelock Loose Rings TOL™ bit - FRIDA

$ 144.00

Frida, Fager's joy and pride.

Durable and lightweight double jointed titanium bit.

Titanium is a material that helps provide steady, reassuring communication to your horse through the reins.

If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Heavy in your hands.
  • Tries to avoid the bit, sticks his tongue out or tucks head in/up.
  • Strong, usually lean/pull on the bit
  • Sensitive for pressure from the bit. 
  • Won't accept the bit or just for short times. Usually drops/chew on the bit and feel uncomfortable.

Try Frida!

Frida has an anatomic shape that follows the contour of the mouth.

Allows for tongue relief, wish many horses prefer.
The shape of the mouthpiece combined with the short and flat centerpiece eliminates palate interference. It breaks to the outside of the tongue, it also softens excessive pressure to the center of the tongue and presents a more consistent feel across the mouth.


Sidelock makes the centerpiece more stable but still more flexible than a straight bit. Promotes acceptance, and contact with the bit.  Excellent for sensitive horses or horses who have a hard time seeking contact to the bit.

Frida even suits horses with a low palate together with a big tongue.

These horses are harder to find a suitable bit for.

Frida also has Fager´s TOL™-system. TOL™ protects your horse molars from being pressed by the rings. The rings give excellent and fast contact through the loose rings without putting on constant pressure on one side while bending.

Fager´s TOL™ rings are more between loose, and egg butt-rings.

If the horse lays/pull on the bit, the rings will lock and work as an egg butt-ring. Help the rider get him back into work.

When you receive a stable connection to the mouth, the rings will be loose again. A perfect combination we would like to say!

Due to this system, you might have to go up in size if you are between sizes.

Titanium has several advantages:

  • Antibacterial and Biocompatible material.
  • Superior strength and extremely lightweight in the mouth.
  • Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance.
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean.

The logo-HORSE should always be on your horse right side, upwards.


Available in 

  • 105MM / 4¼" - 10MM
  • 115MM / 4½" - 12MM

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