Ástund IceLand

$ 4,250.00

New Ástund saddle of the highest quality. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Ástund is proud to introduce an all new Ástund saddle. For optimum performance both in training and competition, this saddle offers perfect leg postition, contact and balance. Two years of research and developement has resulted in this saddle of unsurpassed quality, manufactured from the very best materials. It has new panels, that are very horse-friendly and a super soft seat for the rider.

Two seat sizes 17" and 17,5" in two different widths.
Medium 94-96° or Wide 101-103°

Color Black.

(Note it can be special ordered with Blue or Burgundy patten leather)


Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery depending on availability from vendor or longer for special orders in color.

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